OSEP Curriculum

OSEP has worked with teachers, schools, and our sponsors to create a wide variety of STEM related curricula to be used at the middle and high school levels. Below is our complete list of activities and curricula organized by subject with a brief description of each. Click on the name of the curriculum for the full set of materials.

Playing the role of a reproductive endocrinologist, your job in this lab module will be to chart the female hormone profile of your patient.

In this lab module, you will assist patients in making decisions about fertility preservation options before they begin treatment for cancer.

In this lab module, you will design and conduct your own bioengineering experiments in order to create an environment to support ovarian follicle growth.

In this lab module, you will analyze patient samples in order to chart the male hormone profile.

In this activity students will learn the basic rules of probability theory and how to apply the theory in order to make complex estimates in the real-world and in science. The will learn to construct their own version of the Drake Equation, which predicts the probability of finding life in our galaxy.