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Amy Pratt
Associate Director

OSEP is proud to share our work and activities with the public. We celebrate any news coverage of the excitement and success of our students.
Date Article Publication Author
08/23/2013 Daily Herald Kimberly Pohl
08/15/2013 Northwestern News Staff
08/01/2013 Sybilsmusings Blog Sybil Madison
07/27/2013 The Sun Times MEENAKSHI DALAL
07/25/2013 news.medill.northwestern.edu Nate Mickelberg
06/18/2013 Northwestern.com Newscenter Marla Paul
05/23/2013 Medill Reports ELISSA NADWORNY
04/15/2013 WSET.com Staff
03/30/2013 Northwestern University Research Newsletter Staff
03/21/2013 www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/ Wendy Leopold