Project ACCESS: Science Lab Server Farms

Project ACCESS: Science Lab Server Farms

Supported by HP Catalyst

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The overarching goal of Project ACCESS is to create a scalable and sustainable cyberlearning resource to enhance authentic STEM learning through real science investigations that is broadly accessible for all students via remote online laboratories. The project will continue to explore whether this innovation can be successfully implemented, scaled, and sustained in schools and districts. This effort will transform the model of locally provisioned school science labs by augmenting it with a centrally-provided service model where schools would eventually use remote lab equipment rather than purchasing it locally for each school or classroom. For more information please visit our Project ACCESS website:

With support from HP Catalyst Initiative we intended to expand our initial focus to explore a range of HP technologies and cyberlearning resources that support STEM learning via three efforts:

1) To support participating rural and low-income schools that do not have adequate computers for students to access the remote laboratory network or other cyberlearning resources, we will provide sets of loaner HP Tablet PCs. The Tablet PCs provided by this grant will increase the number of schools, classrooms and students able to access our remote online labs and curriculum by allowing us to create mobile computer labs. 

2) We will facilitate development of activities for the Fourier data probes that will enrich hands-on science experiments in the classroom in conjunction with our remote online labs. We have asked teachers to develop activities for these probes that will augment their current curriculum. You can find these activities in a database on our Project ACCESS website. This site links all facets of this project and serves as a resource for participating teachers.

3) To explore teacher reactions the ways in which this technology enhances their STEM curricula and student motivation in the classroom we will conduct informal video interviews with students and teachers.